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"Sorrow in Springtime"






02.05.2010 - 10.02.2017

Swiss Junior-Beauty-Championesse

Swiss Beauty-Championesse

FCI International Coursing-Champion (i.H.)

Top-Ten Borzoi Coursing European-Championship 2014 (Pl.9)


Mriya - my Friend. Mriya is russian and means DREAM.
She was a dream, my girlfriend..
Morning 09:15, nois - cry - I run 7 steps downstairs...
there she lay down... on the floor... hard muscles, eyes fixed, I know quickly:
She dies! 1 min. later she was dead. A brocken neck by falling?
No. It was not that. Heartattack!
Long I was in Shock. Finally I had to accept what happend...
2 Months later now and I still can not find some more words.
Mriya was mated - she did not go alone to her jerney.
Her Ash is with the Ash of her Grandmother Foukssi!
Foukssi took her under her wings... 

4 days later died Foukssi's son and Mriya's father: Dworjanin I'Tolstoi.
He becamed 11.4 years old. Now they are all together, full in Love.

Mriya-Böhnli, I thank you for your be true all the years at my side. Love you..





03.03.2003 - 31.10.2016   Mother of I-Litter

                                                      Grandmother of M-Litter

                                    Great-Grandmother of P-Litter

Swiss Beauty-Championesse

Swiss Veteran-Beauty-Championesse

German Beauty-Championesse (VDH)

VDH-Eur.jun.winner.2004, 2xCACIB, 4xVDH, CACs

Winner of the Day NJ-Coursing Gossau 2005, CACIL

Juli 2006, accident at Coursing, without Therapie since September 2009 !!


Foukssi. My Queen, our Queen!

After the death of Ibolya, it was you coming to us as your

father was Ibolya's brother. You were wise, always

interessted in all, you loved to live, you were always happy

and friendly and open to all situations. You loved your

children and most of all your grandchildren as you were

such proud of them!

You had some fights in your life with health but you did

win all the time! You were so strong and willing to have

a good life and you did give me your love and spirit and

your wisdome and strenght. I deeply thank you!

You were side by side with Izum, Hochotuschka and Imperia

as they did gone from this world. Now with your age of

13.6years you decided to go forward your way without me.

In the night I was at you for last time and you were already

on your way in the morning.  I love you my strong Foukssi!

You are in a lot of hearts...and very very deep in my heart..

Go and discover the Universum!  Rest in Peace and Love..




06.01.2004 - 31.07.2016        Mother of K- and O-Litter

Swiss Beauty-Champion

German Beauty-Champion (VDH)

Swiss Junior-Beauty-Champion

Landes-Juniorwinner Bayern 2005

FCI - International Coursing-Champion

Winner of Combination "Schönheit und Leistung"

Coursing Swiss Senior-Master 2010

Coursing Swiss Senior-VIZE-Master 2011

Swiss Veteran-Beauty-Champion,

Veteran-BIS 2013


Moma Momushka, the sweet, a kind of shy Princess,

soft like a Bamby, loyal and lovely, wild and correct

at hunting. Beautiful and aristocratic. You were the

last of the "Fantastic Four" from Ukraine, Privorotije!

You did give all yourself into your daughter Otrada,

you were so proud of her, you loved her most and

I can see you in her, my dear Princess, so your

daughter is the black Princess.

I hold you tightly in my arms, my Princess.

You left us with 12.5years and I thank you

to stayed so long with me.

Thank you, you are in my heart..





14.08.2002 - 23.12.2015    Mother of J-Litter

Swiss Beauty-Championesse

Coursing Swiss-Master 2005

2x Winner of Combination "Schönheit und Leistung"

Swiss Veteran-Beauty-Championesse


Zuggerli, you were a Russian Wild one,

and you had your own head. You were

proud and full of Aristocratie. You were

a mother full of love and a Baronesse too!

I learned a lot from you, I never was bored

around you but always you were wild but softly too...

Thank you for beeing solong with me,

for 13.3years, and we enjoyed the last time together

over the fogg in december, for long time till you

showed me that you like to go now...

Than all was quiet and in peace...

All Love for you, my Zuggerli... proud one.





06.01.2004 - 02.06.2015

Swiss Beauty-Champion

Swiss Veteran-Champion

3x Winner SwissCombiTrophy S&L

2x Coursing- RCACIL

Father of a litter at:

Uncle of Dworjanin I- and K- and O-Litter

Great-Uncle of Dworjanin M-Litter

My great Man! You had a soft soul, you were our pschologe and

you were so sweet with everyone. You loved to run and feel

free even when you were always by my side. My Ukrainian Boy,

you are missed here but the cancer did bring you away of us.

Be proud to have all this blood in my lines, dear friend.

You did go fast and in full trust of me. I love you...





09.05.2001 - 19.04.2012

Swiss Veteran-Champion

Father of Dworjanin I-Litter

Grandfather of Dworjanin M-Litter

Uncle of Dworjanin K- and O-Litter

and Grandfather und Uncle of other litters in other Kennels


My Mindal. Could not believe. Really? Must that be?

Anorisma. What stupid thing.

I was shure, you will be here till you are 13years old. And now?

I miss you so much. Why.. 

Once we will meet us again. Take care.. my Love. Thank you

that you where with us. You live wih us in your Grandchildren.









12.02.2003 - 23.09.2011

Swiss Beauty-Champion

Swiss-Borzoi-Club: Clubwinner 2011

My Chitty Chitty, my Schnüpfi-Tüpfi, my Bützbütz,

my beloved Wega..     I thank you.

We miss you very much, your smile, your playful eyes,

your love. Still i could not believe it. Your Heart stopped

and your blood became cold. Very too young to die!

You died in my arms, oh, i like to have you back!








Moij Opium

09.05.2001 - 01.06.2011


My great Spirit..

I am such sad that you did gone already now.

You and your Brother Mindal started my

Adventure in Breeding. Please come back one day.

I love you forever and longer.

The Cancer was quick and strong to his lung.








11.05.1996 - 12.04.2009


A piece of my heart.

A piece of my live.

A piece of my personality.

Ginger, I thank you so much that you was my friend for that

long time. I love you...





08.06.2001 - 16.09.2003
2016: if I close my eyes, still I see the wheels and you, all turning und turning...and I hear me cry...  Nightmare.