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21.10.2017: Coursing Swiss Mastership Lostallo/CH: Entered 3 Males and 7 Females. Unfortunately my Dworjanin Otwaga did hurt her leg at first run.

Dober-Kopp Ebony Africa was highest the oldest with her 8 years but she run wild and reached Place 5 of 7. It was a very nice day.

30.09.2017: Nat. Clubshow SBC Kleindöttingen /CH: Entered 34 Borzois, Judge: Marina Egorova /RU. Dworjanin Kadushka Ex.1 VCAC VBOB BB BOB Clubwinner2017!

4 Borzois were in ChampionClass: Ex.1 CAC made my "Cherry-Lee" Angelika Shine on you Crazy Diamond! And Ex.2 RCAC my Dworjanin Orchideija Moya Otrada :-)

Dworjanin Otwaga was limping a little but reached a VG in OpenClass with 10 females. It was a very nice and peaceful day with good weather. Thank you all.

24.09.2017: Int. Coursing Lotzwil/CH by the Azawakh-Club: 5 mixed Borzois at Start. Dober-Kopp Ebony Africa "Panka" made 2.Place and CACL in her age of 8 years! On 3.Place with RCACL is Dworjanin Otwaga.

26./27.08.2017:  SwissKombiTrophy Lotzwil/CH:

Saturday CAC-Show, Veteranclass: once more with a nice judge-report, I don't know why it was only a "VG1" for my wunderful Dworjanin Kadushka!

Sunday Int. Coursing, Dworjanin Otwaga was hurt (red and swollen) after the first run (171P).   Dober-Kopp Ebony Africa "Panka" is 8 years old and did run super and placed on 5 of 10 Dogs! Bravo Panka..

12./13.08.2017: Nat. Donaueschingen /D: THE Sighthound-Festival ! All over where 94 Borzois entered. My sweet Dworjanin Kadushka in VeteranClass was not placed under the first 4 in her Class, but we met nice peoples and dogs and old friends! Weather was nice too. And I have a nice Pic of Kadushka! :-)

24./25.06.2017: International Show Aarau/CH:  Dworjanin Kadushka was shown in VeteranClass and she got VG1 and at Sunday Ex.1 VCAC VBOB and BOS!

Now we shall go to other shows for complete the Veteran-Winner-Title :-)

14.02.2017: We are very sad to let you know that Dworjanin I'TOLSTOI left his best friends - his owner with his woman, his son Picasso and the Borzoilady Czarda! Tolstoi was the father of Mriya and they are now together! Tolstoi was 11.4 years old and died because of cancer.

10.02.2017: Today morning, 09:15, Dworjanin MRIYA died. It is a great Shock that we have to absorbe next to others who hoped for a Puppie from her! I heard her falling and a cry... and I was immediately with her. And she died in my arms. Heartattack. And there is no answer. Love you so much and thank you that you where here with me, my dear friend Mriya...

29.01.-02.02.2017: We decided to make another Litter. Dworjanin Mriya was with me in CZ for mating with wunderful and lovely Chadwik Lynn Silent Enigma.

We had good days together...


19.11.2016: International Show Geneva/CH:  Dworjanin I'Tolstoi wins and is now proud "Swiss Veteran-Beauty-Champion". He is 11 years old and made Ex.1 VCAC VBOB at both days. Congratulations!


31.10.2016: Today ou old and beloved Queen FOUKSSI did sleep away in the morning-hours about 06:00oClock. She was 13,6years old and full of life even if she had some Medicine for the old heart and had some tumors in the Abdomen. Finally she had diarroe and fever and she decided to go in silence, after I woke in the night and I looked to her at 04:40 and give her a kiss... and later she sleeped away. She is missed here so much. Dober-Kopp Little Foukssi had the first Dworjanin-Litter in 2005. My Fouksseli, thank you so much to be so long time with me. I miss you very...


27.08.2016: Today was the Jubilee-Show of the Swiss Borzoi Club for 40-years.Judge was Anna Shubkina/RU. Atagora (Vet.Champion 10.5years old) becamed Ex.2 RVCAC. In the FUN-Class was showed Dworjanin MoijMillion (3), Dworjanin Orlov Diamond (2) and Dworjanin Onyx Na Snegu (1).

In Veteranclass was showed Dworjanin I'Tolstoi in the age of near 11years old and becamed Ex.2 RVCAC, but he need 1 more VCAC for his title...


31.07.2016: Today we had to let go our lovely MOMUSHKA Imperia in the age of 12.5 years. A growing tumor in her chest was taking her breath day by day and it was so hard, but finally today it was clear to not waiting longer. The Vet camed into our home and Momushka did gone fast, in peace and freedom.

Thank you so much my dear Moma for all you gived me, for all your love and all your wonderful children...  4 of them are living with us.

Imperia and Izum where picked up by me in 2004 at the meetingpoint Uzghorod/Ukraine. She was the last one of the "Spezial 4", out of the special story of Ukrainian startet by a giving money for a coursing-machine for Kiew..



23.12.2015: Today we had to let go our lovely ZUGGERLI Hochotuschka Raschi-Pack-Buran in the age of 13.3 years.  We did know her lung-cancer and enjoyed a lot of days over the fogg, in the sunshine. Today Zuggerli showed me that she don't want anymore and so the Vet camed into our home..and she did gone in peace and freedom.

Thank you so much Zuggerli that you camed into my life, showed and learned me so much and gived us love. Run free and enjoy your powerful breath..


21.&22.11.2015: International Dogshow Geneva/CH: Our youngest, Angelika Shine on you Crazy Diamond "Cherry-Lee", reached Ex.1 CAC CACIB at both days and finished Saturday her title "Swiss Champion of Beauty".

Dworjanin I'Tolstoi, 10years2months old, reached both days Ex.1 Veteran-CAC. Now he need one more for the title. Dworjanin Moij Picasso need 1xCAC to finish his Champion-title, but he did not reach it this weekend.

28.10.2015: It is official now: Dworjanin Jegoza reached the title "International Champion of Beauty" FCI ! Thank you so much Angelica Bersinger for your engagement with Jegoza! Thank you!

27.09.2015: Swiss Coursing Mastership Rifferswil/CH: Dober-Kopp Ebony Africa made 2.place and is Vice-Swiss-Master 2015! She is the oldest from the 6 Females at start! Dworjanin Mriya arrived the stairs too on 3th Place! Dworjanin Otwaga runs to the 5th Place. And the winner is Paskova Golden Lady from Jeannette Rüttimann, the youngest at start but the winner of the day about all sighthounds too! With 377 from 400 Points! Bravo!

29.&30.08.2015: SwissCombiTrophy Lotzwil/CH: Dober-Kopp Little Foukssia was showned for fun in the Veteranclass. She is 12.5 years old and made Ex.1 VCAC VBOB. Angelika Shine on you Crazy Diamond "Cherry-Lee" was in OpenClass and made Ex.2 RCAC. At the Coursing, Dworjanin Mriya runned the 4th Place of 10, Dworjanin Otwaga and Dober-Kopp Ebony Africa made both 180p. and place 6. Nothing spectaculare but we had a very nice weekend.

07.06.2015: First Veteran-CAC made by Dworjanin Jegoza! And Vet-BOB and BOS! At National Show in Rifferswil/CH. Congratulations Angie!

02.06.2015: Today morning we had to let go our lovely big man IZUM :-(

He was 11.4years old, had some different small problems but one big, cancer on his back bones/legs and this finally goes into his nerves so it was going very fast that the Vet did came into our house. Foukssi and I was with Izum on the sofa to let him go over to visit his brothers. The house is empty and all dogs are quiet.

A great personality did gone.

02.04.2015: Today Dworjanin Igorow left his owner and family forever, with 9.5years old. He had a small "Bubble" on his back-nose. And that was growing very fast and it was too late for all. Cancer in the nose-spaces. Hämangiosarkom. We are very sad with Angie who cared him so well all his live. :-(

14.&15.02.2015 International Show Fribourg/CH: Dworjanin Orchideija Moya Otrada wins both days Ex.1 CAC CACIB and BOS! And so we homologated already at saturday her Title: "Swiss Beauty Champion". Oh we are very happy and proud of our Black Championesse :-)

Sadly, Dworjanin Moij Picasso was not in excellent Showcondition and both days agains good others he made only 2x VG3. He too need only 1 more CAC for title..

02.01.2015: Shocking news from Germany: this night died Dworjanin Jasnij !  Probably by Heartattack. I don't find words..  :-(

17.12.2014: UPDATE: 08.08.2014 Dworjanin Iriska passed away because of Malignes Lymphom. And now at december 13. 2014, Dworjanin Krechet had to leave his family by Morbus crohn. We are very very sad. About Dworjanin Jubotshka we received the next bad news, she have Hämangiosarkom what is not to heal.

Add: Today 17.12. Jubotshka did go over the bridge..  :-(

15.&16.11.2014 International Show Geneve/CH: Dworjanin Moij Picasso (Ow:U.J.) made his third Ex.1 CAC. Dworjanin Orchideija Moya Otrada made Ex.2 RCAC. Cherry-Lee - Angelika Shine on you Crazy Diamond made both days Ex.1 CAC!! And Atagora z Knyazhego Dvora finished her title "Swiss Veteran-Champion of Beauty". At place, I could become the homologation for Dworjanin Mriya "Swiss Champion of Beauty"-Title!

10.08.2014: National Clubshow Rifferswil/CH: We have the Clubwinner: Angelika Shine on you Crazy Diamond received Ex.1 CAC BestFemale BestOppositSex and Clubwinner 2014 out of Intermediate Class! And Atagora z Knyazhego Dvora received her second VCAC, Ex.1 VCAC & VBOB!

27.07.2014:  Int. Coursing Rifferswil/CH: Dworjanin Mriya Place 2, RCACIL RCACL and finished her titel "International Coursing Champion". Dworjanin Otwaga Place 5 after Place 4 of Dober-Kopp Ebony Africa. Was 6 Borzois mixed at start.

29.06.2014: Coursing EuropeanChampionship 2014: In Lavarone, Malga Millegrobbe, 1400m, Skiaeria. Weather mixed with fogg, rain, cold, but ok for the Runs. The Organisation was well. I had at start: Dworjanin Mriya. She was the first of the Swiss Borzois, under the "Top Ten", Place 9 of 46 Females! So I am very happy as she was not in topform. It was a nice, interessting Weekend!

08.06.2014: Nat. Show Versoix/CH: Because it is always a very nice and calm Show, I entered 6 Dogs. Izum Ex.1 VCAC, but he don't need it, he is already a 10.5 years old Vet.Champion. Atagora Ex.1 VCAC, VBOB and Veteran-BIS!!! She can use the VCAC. And because I had already Atagora in the VeteranClass, I entered my over 11 years old Dober-Kopp Little Foukssia in Champion-Class! She reached Ex.1 CAC!

Dworjanin Mriya became Ex.1 CAC in WorkingClass and finished her title Swiss-Beauty-Champion! And was second best female. Dworjanin Maliyta reached Ex. in Open Class. In Juniorclass was Angelika Shine on you Crazy Diamond, made Ex.3. That's ok, the time is not enough to finish a Juniorchampion, she don't need the JCAC. Well, 4 diverse CAC's out of 6 entered Dogs is not bad I think :-)

30.03.2014:  Int. Coursing Lotzwil/CH, 1.Place CACIL made my Dober-Kopp Ebony Africa "Panka", and with only 1 point less: 3.Place: Dober-Kopp Barbara Streisand "Czárdá". In deap "after Heat" but still Place 6 is my Dworjanin Mriya. And Place 11 my Dworjanin Otwaga, Dworjanin Kadushka hurt her toe and no start for second run of course. There where 14 Borzois mixed at start, 13 for second run.

22./23.02.2014: IHA Fribourg/CH: "Cherry" Angelika Shine on you Crazy Diamond 11months old is showed first time in Juniorclass and became Ex.2 RJCAC and a "very good 1" under Lisbeth Mach. Our just 2 years old Dworjanin Orchideija Moya Otrada in Open Class became Ex.3 and a "very good 1" under Lisbeth Mach. Dober-Kopp Old Shatterhand "Zoltán" was showed in Intermediate Class and became Ex.1 CAC and Ex.1 CAC CACIB and BOB!!