Dworjanin Borzois
Isabel Schickli 
Stutzbodenweg 4 Wiedlisbach
3380 Wangen an der Aare Schweiz Phone: 0041 32 636 07 80 Mobile: 0041 79 631 40 50
E-Mail: info@dworjanin.ch

We are about 35 minutes south of BASEL and east of BERN. The Dogs love the River Aare and the trails here. Leave the Highway at "Wangen a.A.". If you are coming from Basel or Zürich, once you get off, turn right after some 300 meters. If you are coming from Bern, you just turn right again. We are right across from Hotel Al Ponte, the only large building there.

If you are using a OLDER navigational system, select "Wiedlisbach" as your destination, not Wangen. In Switzerland you have to buy a toll sticker (Vignette) using our highways. However, if you like to visit my Borzois and me, write to me..