About us

I was born to live   with dogs. My mother was a successful breeder of “ Tervueren ”, one of the 4 types of Belgian Shepherds. But at that time I was not thinking of becoming a breeder as well. Instead I was dreaming of cars – to be exact – of American Oldtimers . Neither would my profession   allow me to have my own dog, so I was visited on weekends by “my” Tervuerengirl Quincy.

At the age of 8 I was collecting brochures of Range Rovers and said, that in the future I'll have a “ Berner Sennenhund ”-dog. This would change later into an Irish Wolfshound . For Christmas my sister got an Encyclopaedia of dogs. I was looking for the Irish   Wolfshound and what would I see? The picture of a beautiful Borzoi ! What happened next I don't have to tell you. Anyone who loves Borzois , knows why (and sometimes he doesn't)! There he was, MY DOG!

Unfortunately there had to go by some more years before I saw my first real Borzoi 1995 in St. Moritz and got the permission to touch and pet him. It was just a beautiful experience! I felt lots of respect that deserve those creatures.

In April 2001 I reached my goal: my own house and a big backyard – and plenty of time. O.K. I said to myself and looked for Borzois on the Internet. What happened you can read under the title „ Dober -Kopp Pannon Ibolya “.

The following summer I was given 2 male Borzois from Kiev,   Mindal und MoijOpium . These beautiful beings have to be preserved and therefore I decided to breed and soon found an adequate name for my doings.

All dogs live in my house and may go in and out to the backyard, whenever they want to although that gives me a lot of additional work in wintertime…….but my “ Longnoses ” are happy, when they can slide into the house on their dirty paws from grass and mud.

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