Bran of Shiofan's Borzoi   *13.02.2006           

(Ch. Pwyll x Catjuscha Majove Bohemia)

Breeder and Owner: Michelle Moreau, Champagney, France



BRAN   with 7 Months:    (very promising 1)

18.11.2006 Eurodogshow Kortrijk, J: Irina Korshunova/RUS

BRAN: Excellent 1,    Junior-BOB,   Europe-Juniorwinner


Fotos upstairs: Novembre 2011, 2 Fotos downstairs: May 2008


_Bran have a softly, friendly, selfconfident charactere. I like this type already a long time. Bran is a long male, with a nice long neck and long croup. He is at home at Coursing and running. He have a full and correct dentition.


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