ATAGORA z Knyazhego Dvora *21.03.2006          

(Irod x Barinya z Knyazhego Dvora)

Breeder: Anna Ishenko, Kiew, Ukraine

Owner:  Isabel Schickli, Wangen a.d. Aare, CH






  The Russian Judge and Borzoibreeder Marina Orlowa did

write: "Body without any mistake". Atagora have very nice

Pigmentation, dark eyes, and correct, complete Scissorbite.

She is very selfconfident, and soft to others. She is very

intelligent and have a lot of patience. I am happy to have her.

We are waiting for mahagony-brindle, tiger-brindle and tricolor

Puppies. Perhaps...there is some white/red also coming.


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