Dworjanin I-Litter *26.09.2005 - summer 2016

IVOLGO               was living with Kirsten Bak Thygesen in Silkeborg/ DK

                                       Died by Cancer

CAC Rifferswil/CH 22.04.06, Puppy-class: "very promising" and Puppy-Res.BIS !!!

CACIB Dortmund/D: vvsp. 1

CAC Lelystad/NL:     vvsp. 1

CAC Vingsted/DK:    vvsp. 1  Puppy-BOB  Puppy-Res.BIS

CAC Silkeborg/DK:   Ex.1 CAC BOS

                                                             Ivolgo is Father :-)  www.borzoi-living.dk

Springtime  2016                                        Age
10.5 years
December  2010
April 2010
December, 2009 Ivolgo with Dina(w/red) and some of they children    
3.5 Years old      
2 Years old      
20 Month old and his Girls in May 2007  


13 Month old Ivolgo with his best Girl-Friends...    


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