Atagora z Knyazhego Dvora



Breeder:        Anna Ishenko


Sometimes, we are not asked. We don't want another dog, but, there is one coming, and we MUST take him...

The Story, how God did presented me Atagora:   (Sorry, text is only translated with "Google")

October 2006, I received from a lady with whom I last 3 years had no contact more and nothing to do with Borzois, an email with a LINK.

The link led to a German market side, where many dogs to sell.

It says: Borzoi from Ukraine (Kiev). JAJA! You can always go to Kiev and the trunk with Borzoi fill ... NE NE!

Almost I would also re-clicked. Then the view of the photo. Mmm ...

Pretty dog, 7 months old. Tricolor. Pretty! Seehr beautiful head! Actually, the same type as my Ukrainians already ... and I wanted to know, the descent! Clearly it! The type?

Also, ran to the telephone. A family with 2 children, dog since 2 months, son has allergies get dog has gone. Pedigree is only in 2-3 days. I ask for your e-mail upon receipt. Question breeder name or kennel name. .... z Knyazhego Dvora.

Mmm .. the following 3 days you can not use me. I wühle in the office! Since I may not speak Russian, but the Cyrillic letters can read, I watch more often with Russian Internet sites. And lo and behold! I was in the office and moved find an A4-expression. Printed on 20 March 2006! A dog - Barinya z Knyazhego Dvora, Aspid x Svetla. Aspid is the father of my Ukrainians, the beautiful Aspid with black pigment allaround! With very good pedigree! Yes, and in March I thought: Aha, Aspid abroad has also covered (as the Aspid breeder Nurminskaya belonged and z Knyazhego Dvora the Anna Ishenko). That is why I printed it; One never knows. About the search engine on the Internet, I tried even more about these breeding sites and their dogs to learn, but that exhibition result of this Barinya (V2 RCAC) remained the only one.

Now comes the night, also by email that this pedigree dog from the market place, Atagora. Very careful, hot and cold on the back, I'll scroll down. YES! Just this bitch Barinya is the mother! Na, the world is small! There is the Grand Aspid the father!

Then carefully to Papa. There is IROD. It itches already nervous in my brain! YES! Irod is the brother to my IZUM! Yes, because to believe?

So, what should I have to do otherwise, when the cousin to my Dworjanin Iriska "home" to get? Even after I asked, but nobody else wanted them.

Now I also have a Borzoi. Well. Sometimes you do not ask ...

and I am glad ;-)))