Dober-Kopp Little Foukssia   *03.03.2003

(Dober-Kopp Pannon Zoltán x Oriana az Aftab Faizabad)

Breeder: Dr. Ágnes Koppány, Érd, HU

Owner:  Isabel Schickli, Oberuzwil, CH


And 3 from her sisters:

 Dober-Kopp Mathias Rex       Dober-Kopp Charmos Saci                Dober-Kopp V'Viktoria

 Foukssia is living with me and my other Borzois in House and Garden. She goes to DogShows, but she more like the Coursing.

She have a nice caractere and very good substance and hair, and complete scissorbite.

She likes people very much and all kind of sofas..


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